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Want to have a career in music? Want to make a living at it, or even be a star? Wherever your ambition is in the music industry – you’ll need to be able to sell yourself and your music to those who can help you. You are also, a business owner.

And yet… many musicians, artists, songwriters and producers are not that confident when it comes to the ‘business’ of music. Most music schools teach you about the music business – but NOT how YOU operate within it. 

How do you run a business and have a life without living hand to mouth, day to day? How can you get out of your own way? How can you plan your success? Can you? Or is it just down to luck? How can you just feel better about it all?

Welcome to Authentic Artists. This is where you start to build your foundations so you can AMP Up. To be clear – we don’t teach you how to play, sing, produce or write songs – there are many other great options for that. Here you will find coaching and courses for the bit between your music and your business – (that’s you, by the way). You ready?


AMPS is our method of teaching you what you need to get you to the next level. It’s the framework we use for the four key areas of expertise you need for running your business within music. Amplify your success with A.M.P.S…. 

A – Authentic Art. – Why you create your ‘product’. Not the ‘how’.

M – Money in Music – How you get it, use it, keep it.

P – Pitch Perfect – How you communicate and sell what you’ve created.

S – Support Structures – Your systems, tech & team.

Want to know what you need to work on the most? Take our free ‘Amping Up’ quiz and find out in less than 5 minutes!


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I know enough musicians to know that money can be tight. So here’s a bunch of free stuff to get you started: 

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paid courses

For more ‘step-by-step’ courses, one-to-one coaching sessions and workshops, visit the Services page: here

What People Are Saying…


I have been working with Jacqueline to prepare for some big meetings I have coming up as a recording artist and songwriter. After going into a few meetings and thinking I could wing it, as I’m quite confident, I realised how unprepared I was to pitch myself. Confidence isn’t enough!

I would tend to get flustered and waffle on a bit if I was asked certain questions (that always seem to arise) because I didn’t have a well thought out response that would put a positive spin on their question.

Now when those questions come up in meetings I feel confident delivering an intelligent answer that puts people at ease and demonstrates to them that I’m professional and prepared. Thank you Jacqueline! I’m ready to walk into those meetings as an equal!



Before I attended Pitch Perfect I found it very difficult to pitch myself to others, frequently under-selling key talents and abilities. The workshop enabled me to take a whole set of confused and jumbled facts about myself, organise them logically and refine everything I knew about who I am and what I do into a set of clear and cohesive statements. Once written down and actually spoken out loud, they not only represented me perfectly but hearing myself saying them boosted my confidence and consequently the power of my delivery. 



Jacq helped me to prepare for a tough interview process for a promotion – I was literally terrified of presenting and this was a panel of senior people in my organisation.

I was confident I could do the job but I knew that this element of the process was an issue. I had an initial meeting with her so she could figure out what I needed, then three in-depth sessions to work on presentation skills as well as changing my way of thinking.  Jacq is an amazing person and so inspirational, she has a real passion and honesty which makes you feel she’s on your side completely.  

I’m delighted to say I got the promotion but more importantly, I know that I’ve overcome a serious block that was holding me back. I feel much more assertive in other areas of my life too and would recommend Jacq as a coach – no matter what you’re trying to achieve.


Public Servant

I used Authentic Artists to design a bespoke 2-day introduction sales course for my company.
We’ve never had any formal training in sales and I must say that it has opened my eyes into what approach will work better.
Jacqueline explained everything clearly and helped us fine-tune not only our unique selling points but what they mean to our customers.
One of the best investments I have made, I wish I had done this years ago !!

Company Founder & Director, Emphasis Inventories

“I came to Jacq in a muddled and confused state as many artists find themselves in. Juggling a full-time music career means all the fingers in many pies – freelancing between paying the rent, meeting deadlines, and trying to be the artist that you truly believe you can be. Jacq has been very sensitive, perceptive, bespoke and flexible in what I have needed – never once have I felt “she must say this to everyone”.
She has given me the practical tools to be able to cope with the immediate urgency of bill paying work whilst grasping the unique positions we land ourselves in as business owners. Most importantly she allows space to connect with the ever neglected artist that we set out to be. I am very grateful to Jacq in helping me re-gain practical and spiritual control over my career. Also, she’s just a proper mint person. “


I had my first coaching session with Jacq today.  She immediately put me at ease and made me feel comfortable talking about some deep issues I have.

She gave me practical exercises to work on which I have been doing and these are really helping.  Jacq is a very patient, understanding and sensitive coach.  I highly recommend her and am looking forward to my next coaching session with her. Thank you, Jacq.



Being a musician, I often forget about focusing on the business side of things. I wasn’t feeling very confident with regards to selling myself, and Jacq really helped me break-through those barriers.

With her background in sales and marketing, as well as being a creative herself, it was the perfect combination for a coach.



Before attending Pitch Perfect I was struggling to network effectively and get the results I desired from people I wanted to work with within the music industry. During Jacq’s session, she managed to dig deep into my self-beliefs and help to start to shovel out the doubts and plant new seeds of belief and confidence. I loved how Jacq asked such powerful questions that quickly pinpointed how I was holding myself back.

After just one day with Jacq, it completely changed how I approach networking. Since putting Jacq’s words of wisdom into practice, I have started building strong, key relationships with people within the music business that I only ever dreamed of meeting, one being my favourite songwriter. I am truly grateful to Jacq for helping my dreams become a reality. If you want to move your career forward and be confident and comfortable approaching people that can help your career or that you dream of working with, take the time out to help yourself and attend one of Jacq’s sessions. It will completely change your results, very quickly when you put it into practice. 11 stars out of 10.

Nicki Kelly



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