Get stuff done: support and accountability for success

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Last year when we first went into lockdowns, I started to do a free Monday evening co-working space to support creatives in working on their projects and staying positive – and it ended up going on for eight months! Every Monday night, I held a Zoom call for people who wanted to register to come and work on their projects, I called it the GSD Session, which is short for ‘get songs done’, or ‘get stuff done’, (‘Get Sh*t Done’), whatever it is you need to do, that you might need to have accountability to do, or might need some support with.

I was talking to a client of mine some time ago, and she said that even for the sessions that she couldn’t make, it was just lovely to know I was there holding that space available for people who needed it, and that inspired me to do a different version of the GSD call – livestreams to check-in and share something that is hopefully of value with you. So I decided to do a very quick livestream, to ask you: What is it that you’re going to achieve this week? What are going to be your priorities to move you closer to your goals? What is it that you need to prioritise that will get you closer to what you need to do? It could be anything. If you’re in the music world, it could be your strategy for your next EP release or song release; it could be just getting some things finished, because I know that we struggle with finishing and completing things – great at starting, not that great at finishing. So, what are those things for you? If you’re in business? Similarly, because my Aurate clients tend to be business executives, what is that for you as well? No matter what we do for work – we all need both support and accountability at different stages and levels.

If you’ve worked with me before, you’ll know that I coach from a left brain, right brain perspective. The left brain is the logical, linear thinking, organisational side and typically, much of the business world lean to this type of ‘wiring’. In that world, it’s easy to be disconnected from emotional intelligence and emotional connection and creativity. The musicians I work with are more right-brain wired and are very emotionally connected, using abstract thinking, ideas generating and often, they need more structure, so I coach them more on developing their business skills with my Authentic Artists approach, called A.M.P.S. Wouldn’t it be great if we could optimise all of our talents all the time to get to where we want to? – because we do need both skill sets.

So that’s what I’ve been doing for a few months now – holding the space for you to focus on in the week. I occasionally share my thoughts on what is topical or some inspiration that has occured to me, or come up in client sessions. On Fridays, I do the same thing – with the emphasis on reviewing the week. What did we get done? What did you achieve? And by Friday lunchtime, you’ve still got a bit of time in the afternoon to actually take some things off your list of things to do. Leave a comment telling me what you need to focus on in terms of, what do you need accountability with? What do you need support with? What questions do you have? And is there something I can help with?

I invite you to join me on Fridays. So with that, I wish you a really, really good, productive positive week. But I’ll also remind you to stay present, centred, BE as much as DO, because that’s the balance we need. What is it we need to be to get the things done that we need to get done? And how does that balance help you and support you in achieving your objectives, the intentions that you’ve set and dreams that you have?

I coach people in a range of things; inner work to address and resolve what is getting in our way and outer work, practical things to do to progress our plans. If you need help with any of that, do get in touch. You can catch up on past livestreams on my YouTube Channel (see Linktree for all links).

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