Hi, Jacq again from Authentic Artists. Have you ever said this: look I’m just a free spirit? I don’t need to involve myself, dirty myself with any of that money stuff. Yeah, I don’t care about money. I think it’s just tacky.

A lot of those things I hear people say are the very things that are blocking them from ever having any money because they’re resisting it. And that’s something that if you’ve ever said, it points to what’s going on in your subconscious about your attitude towards money. You can absolutely guarantee that if you’re saying any of those things, you have money issues. And what that will mean is that you have some kind of subconscious belief that means money is evil, money is dirty, money is selfish.  And it’s not, it’s not sitting right with you in terms of your own values and attitude towards life.

Money, really, is just a tool. It’s something that we can either use well, or not. We can resist it, we can block it, we can make sure we, even if we get some, we get rid of it as soon as we can. This is because all of those things are in our subconscious. The problem is that 95% of our behaviours are ruled by our subconscious, not by our conscious awareness.

That means that no matter what we think, we think or we think we believe. What we really believe is hidden. It’s under the surface and often out of our  active minds, or else it would be conscious. It would not be subconscious. So our behaviors are what tell us what we believe. So if our reality is not what we want, you know, we can be really confusing about saying we want more.

Not, not being able to hack it, to get it, because our behaviours are not saying that we want more. We can be saying we don’t want more. We’re definitely blocking stuff. So it’s really interesting. So in terms of the budgeting stuff that we’ve talked about lots, you need to do this budgeting for different things.

In particular, you need to budget for tax. So you, you might be saying, I’m not interested in money, but guess what? You know, we live in this world, which is, you know, money is how we operate in the world. And somebody that’s very interested in your money is the tax man. And so you do have to justify how much you’re earning or how much you’re spending and what you’ve got left, because part of that belongs to the tax man.

So we can’t just abdicate all responsibility for the money. It’s part of being a grownup, it’s owning and taking responsibility for that side of our life, whether we like it or not. So the thing too do to get through this situation, as I’ve mentioned in previous videos, is to do a budget, but also to when you’ve done, when you’ve done that is make sure you put money aside for the tax.

Then what that makes sure you do is you never have this horrific situation when you are coming to the end of the financial year and you are panicking because you’ve not really done any planning. You’ve not really done any saving. You know, you’re scrambling around for some money at the end of the year to accommodate the situation.

So you’ve got this really stressful, really difficult and really unnecessary, situation. But just with a bit of planning it can be avoided and you will be much more of a free spirit, much more of a peaceful and calm spirit if you’ve handled your affairs and you’ve got your stuff in order, so I encourage you to not bury your head in the sand when it comes to these things and really start to plan, make a list of what you need to do and to get it done. If you need support with that, let me know.


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