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Saving | Authentic Artists

Good morning. This is Jacq from Authentic Artists and Aurate, and I want to talk to you very briefly today about saving money. I’ve been speaking to a lot of my clients lately and the concept of saving is one that can be met with frustration, especially when you don’t believe you’re earning enough money.

I understand that completely. So you think, well, how can I save if I’m not paying my bills, I’m not earning enough and that’s something that is completely understood and very difficult. So the attitude of not saving anything at all is backed by a belief of there’s either enough or there is not enough.

Now, whatever the facts are, the results that you’re getting are also a result of those beliefs. So, if you want to change any of that for the better, you need to look at those beliefs. I talk about this a lot. I know, but it’s really, really important. So, if you are able to look at those beliefs in the situation you’re in, you need to think about what approach you take to your money when you do get it?  So, if you’ve sent somebody an invoice, you’ve got a payment or you’ve got paid from a day job or a part time job, all of that money is not yours. If you get any money in and taxes already repaid etc, that’s fine. But also, whatever you’re left with is not all yours for spending and it’s really important that you understand that.  You need to pay yourself out of that money, but you also have to pay other things, obviously your bills and everything, but you also have to consider your obligation to yourself, best for your future is to put some of that aside. And the sooner you get this and are able to implement it the better off you will feel, your attitudes towards the money you’re getting or not getting will change.

Then you’ll be able to do something differently and it’s doing something differently that’s going to change something. So, it starts with the internal work, always, mindset and then actions. So even if you are struggling at the moment to pay for everything, and obviously at the moment we’ve got an unusual situation with the COVID-19 situation, but under normal circumstances,  which we’re hoping we get somewhat back to, but whatever that looks like  we need to think about putting something aside, even if it’s just one pound and you can do without one pound in a month, I’m sure.

You know, you can find a way of saving money somewhere. Now, if things are desperate, really, really desperate, and you can’t do that. Put 10 Pence away. Put it in a jar. You know, there is a whole money management system called the money jar system and it’s like your piggybank. So, it doesn’t matter what the amount is, even if it’s only a penny, but you have to put something aside and then you slowly start to increase that amount over time.

So, then you start to then look at your expenses and bring those underneath your income level. So hopefully you’ve got a bit more coming in than you have going out. Yeah. I took that surplus. You can put some money aside. So this is how you start to shift your mindset around money, in your behaviors around money, really, really small baby steps.

I’m not asking you to do something that’s not physically practical. When you look at where your expenses are when you do your budget, which we talked about, you will see what you can and can’t do. And then you’re working from a position of knowledge, rather than fear, don’t know, heads in the sand, don’t want to even look at it and sometimes I don’t even want to open my bills. So if it’s that bad, that’s when you really do need to bite the bullet and kind of face the situation. And I promise you once you’ve done that, even though it will feel horrible, you will. also get this strange sense of control.

You start to come from a position of strength rather than fear and weakness. Because only when you know what the situation is can you start to really build a foundation for moving forward and making it better, hope that helps. Any questions? Let me know, I’d be happy to talk to you.

Have a look at the video on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/hH4D9fc86-o