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I work with you to understand what you need, so your first step is to book a Virtual Coffee Call with me. I cover 4 main areas of building your career, and business, in music and these are outlined below. Everyone is different and we can discuss your needs and your budget when we speak. I look forward to meeting you. Jacq.


Not sure what to do, or if I can help you? Then book a FREE ‘get to know you’ call with me to chat about what you need. No pressure and no obligation to do anything more.

Coaching Programmes

For groups and individuals I host webinar based coaching and one to one coaching. This covers the full A.M.P.S. range of topics to ensure that you are fully equipped to function within the music business. Get in touch to learn more by booking a Virtual Coffee Call, or, fill in the Contact Us form to enquire about the next sessions.



Are you scared of seeming ‘arrogant’ when talking about yourself? Do you avoid networking because you don’t know what to say? Are you an introvert, or a ‘shy extrovert’? Communicating your message, what you want and need next and connecting with people who can help you – is critical to your success. Learn how to do this with a quiet confidence so that you make the most of every contact you make with our online, self-paced course.

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Why don't you book a free 'virtual coffee' with me? It's a 15 minute call to chat and see if I can help you.

 There's no pushy selling - I don't believe in it. If we aren't meant for each other or the timing is not right, no worries. We'll either decide to work together or not. In any case, join my mailing list to keep in touch.

When you do sign up you can download our networking guide 'Networking for Introverts (and shy extraverts)' for FREE. My treat!

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